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    Unproductive Leads

    Unproductive Leads

    Leads that don’t convert create a tremendous amount of waste. This waste kills performance and needlessly consumes precious marketing dollars that could be used elsewhere.

    Fragmented Data

    Fragmented Data

    Most lead buyers have lots of technology, but no way for disparate systems to talk to each other. Data becomes locked into these systems and aren’t available to help optimize results & improve performance.

    Suboptimal Pricing

    Suboptimal Pricing

    Paying too much for bad leads and too little for good leads is a sure fire way to miss your marketing goals. Failure to right price leads in real time leads to suboptimal results.

    LegitLead Solution

    Legitlead is for online lead buyers who want to optimize lead performance. Legitlead is like google Adwords for lead gen.
    It's an Actionable Insight (AI) Platform that provides automated analysis & read-time pricing for every inbound lead.
    Unlike single-point validation services, Legitlead's comprehensive data model effectively turns lead data into actionable insight.
    This insight allows customers to optimize marketing spend & increase growth.

    How It Works

    Connecting your data is the first step to better performance with LegitLead. But don’t worry, we’ve made it incredibly easy. Customers can upload CSV files or connect to LegitLead’s simple API. LegitLead is connected to leading lead suppliers. So, chances are we are already connected with our existing vendors and can gain access to lead data with a flip of a switch. In addition, LegitLead supports pre-configured connections to all the major application providers in the lead generation market.

    LegitLead’s real-time web interface is smart, intuitive and insightful. Designed by seasoned marketers who know lead gen, our analytic displays make it super easy to see what is working and what isn’t. Use our analytic templates to quickly assess lead performance at the channel, source, sub-source or lead level. With our analytics, you will get your questions answered without a spreadsheet, vendor or IT.

    Optimization is where the data connections and analysis pays off. LegitLead’s brain is a predictive analytics learning machine. Unlike batch model-building projects, LegitLead automatically optimizes lead performance in real-time. There are not model build and re-build cycles. LegitLead continuously monitors model performance and automatically rebuilds new algorithms on the fly. Never again will your business be subject to stale models or weak predictions.

    Performance Matters
    • Identify unproductive leads that generate waste
    • Detect & eliminate lead fraud
    • Measure lead quality in real-time
    • Optimize supplier performance
    • Dynamically filter leads using proven quality metrics
    • Automate lead ROI analysis
    • Integrate data from CRM and marketing systems
    • Right price leads in real-time
    We love to solve customer problems

    Before we started LegitLead, we were online lead buyers. So, we feel your pain. Through years of experience running lead generation programs and managing channels and suppliers, we’ve faced and overcome a number of challenges. In working with our customers, we’ve uncovered even more problems and have developed what we think are really powerful and effective solutions. If you have a difficult lead generation problem to solve, we’d love an opportunity to help you solve it. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation assessment.

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